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July 2017

Happy Summer!

Recently, Harvard Research released a study about how a presentation’s medium affects its message. They looked at the impact of PowerPoint, Prezi, and oral presentations as part of the Prezi-funded study.The headlines from the media are claiming that the results found that Prezi was more engaging than PowerPoint. If you create and deliver business presentations, don’t worry. The way you present as well as the medium you use affects the outcome of your presentation.

In the study’s research conclusion, they say that there are advantages to ZUIs (Zoomable User Interfaces) like Prezi versus slideware –PowerPoint and oral presentations.  It is not as cut and dried as the headlines suggest if you consider the age of the study participants (mean average age – 27), their occupation – many were students, the omission of PowerPoint’s Zoom feature as a comparison, and the impact on business presenters versus students. Take the time and read the research. Then look at Dave Paradi’s balanced commentary on LinkedIn. It dives into the research, its methodology and the results. Share your thoughts with us.

In this month’s “Dishing on Presentations”, I chatted with Prezi’s co-founder and CEO, Peter Arvai while he was on vacation in Sweden,visiting the farm he grew up on. His passion and deep thinking about the medium is clear in our conversation. We talked about how Prezi Next was created with feedback from their 85M users, the thoughtful acquisition of Infogram, the presentation industry and the role of cognitive thinking, and the Harvard study results. Watch it Now

A special thank you to both Nolan Haims and Rick Altman for being our first presenters to use ON24, our new webinar platform. One of the fun widgets we tried on Rick’s webinar was Group Chat. This enabled our audience to share their ideas, tips, tricks, and tools with each other. Engagement was buzzing throughout the event. ON24 is changing the way we have approached our presentations and we continue to learn how to maximize the experience for our attendees. Check out Rick’s webinar, Marvelous Makeover: Presentations Edition via YouTube or on demand with ON24.

Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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[Video] Dishing on Presentations with Prezi co-founder and CEO, Peter Arvai
by Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

It is timely that I spoke with Peter Arvai because Prezi has been in the news quite a bit over the last few weeks. We talked about how Prezi Next was created with feedback from their 85M users, the thoughtful acquisition of Infogram and how it fits into their product road map, the presentation industry and the role of cognitive thinking, and the Harvard study results. Watch it

What Wins When Giving Presentations: The Slides or the Speaker?
by Tany Nagy, Pulse Design

In this article, Tany shares her experience about being selected as one of twelve design companies to ‘pitch’to a group of local decision makers responsible for hiring talent for their creative business needs. She talks about the overall presentation messaging as well as the deliverables and the impact of each on the outcome of the pitch. Read More...

Picturing Your Audience in Their Underwear -That’s a Stupid Strategy
by Jonathan Li, Author, The Expressive Leader

How many of us have been told that one method to feel less anxious when presenting is to ‘picture your audience in their underwear’. Well, there are better ways to overcome their number one fear. Presenters need to find the underlying cause of their fear and find a solution that works for them. Let me share some of my wisdom and what I have seen work with speakers, especially working with my coaching clients. Read More...

Harnessing the Power to be a Memorable Public Speaker
by Tom Ware, DTM

As an international public speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and a long-time speaker who has heard hundreds speak, it becomes clear to me that the best speakers have read widely, do feel passionate about their subject, have a wide background from which they can unconsciously extract words and terminology without sounding that what they’re saying is contrived, and who are able to place pictures in the minds of their listeners. Where do you get your power to become a memorable speaker? Read More...



Business presenters can ignore the headline: Harvard study says: “Prezi is better than PowerPoint”. Here’s why...

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