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February 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Did you know that the Microsoft "Office Insider Program" is now available for iPhone and iPad?  This is a great program which gives you early access to builds of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at the Insider Fast Level.  I have been an Office Insider on the PC side for Office 365 and I really enjoy it. It gives me a chance to play with the new features. Be aware that these are the earliest preview builds and the expectation is that you will help identify any issues and provide feedback to the Office 365 team.  To get an application for the Office Insider Program through the Apple Test Flight program,  click here.  You just post your feedback on the Office Insider Community
Don’t forget to register for Nolan Haims February 15th webinar, Using Imagery to Create Powerful, Impactful Presentation StoriesHe will share his secrets to finding photographic images and not break the bank! Register Today! Read his article on how to compress pictures and PPT so you have a smaller file size.  Thanks to reader, Manion, Mikkers Mining from the Netherlands for the great question.
And this month on " Dishing on Presentations", our guest is Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh Bajaj.
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Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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[Reader Questions] How Do You Bring PowerPoint Files Down to a Smaller File Size?

by Nolan Haims, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Meet Manion Mikkers Minning, a presentation specialist from the Netherlands who had a great question for Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Nolan Haims about how to compress picture size so the overall file size is manageable.  His detailed answer is the first of our new Reader Questions column.

Here's the answer!

[Video] Dishing on Presentations 2017 with Geetesh Bajaj

with Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Editor Sharyn Fitzpatrick and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh Bajaj have a lively discussion about what are the latest trends in PowerPoint, tips for how to maximize your PowerPoint experience, and what features we hope Microsoft brings to Office 365.

Watch the Video

[Webinar] Using Imagery to Create Powerful, Impactful Presentation Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words and using imagery in your presentations does make an impact enabling your content to come alive. In his February 15th webinar, Microsoft MVP Nolan Haims, will share tips on how to find the right imagery for your content and how to use it in a design. He will showcase several design options for each slide and why it works. This is a perfect tutorial for the non-designer. Not sure where to find images to use?  He will discuss both free and paid options such as iStock, Shutterstock, and more.

Register Today!

How to Add Two or More PowerPoint Animations to One Object

By Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Many people use PowerPoint animation sparingly—probably to make text animate while showing up on a slide or even for column charts, where individual columns animate. But did you know that you are not limited to the animation effects available in PowerPoint? You can actually combine one or more animations to happen at the same time for the same slide object, and thus create your own unique animation effect!

Want to learn how to do it? Click Here.


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