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March 2016

Dear Readers,

Out-of-the-box thinking leads to innovation and pushing the limits of both technology and platforms like PowerPoint, Prezi and others. 

This community is full of talented presentation experts who have developed interesting apps or ways to do things like creating a clickable table of contents or developing a free, cool PowerPoint app - Neo/ Ipsum– which enables you to create your own version of Lorem Ipsum including the classic version, comics, sports, news and more. Try it. Download Neo/ Ipsum for free.

Our webinar with SmartStorming Authors Keith Harmeyer and Mitchell Rigie was fun and interactive.  We loved all the wonderful interaction during the Idea Sprint exercise.  If you missed it or want to see it again, click here.

Infographics are visual graphical representations of data and information.  They make a powerful statement.  Do you know  how to create one in PowerPoint?  Join us on Wednesday, March 16th at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET for a how-to webinar with graphics guru, Mike Parkinson.  He will show us how to make them fast – no design experience required. You will improve the quality and effectiveness of your presentations by adding powerful infographics.

Thank you for your emails and suggestions. I am looking for a few good story ideas and talented writers. Is that you?  Just email me so we can set up time to connect. I am enjoying getting to know our PresentationXpert community.

 Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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How to Create a Clickable (Choose Your Own Adventure) Table of Contents Slide!

by Adam Noar, Panda Presentations

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a sleek and efficient way of navigating to the various sections of your presentation without ever having to exit from presentation mode? In this article, I am going to show you step-by-step how to create a visually appealing “Prezi-like” Table of Contents slide which will allow you to jump around to specific sections of the presentation seamlessly.

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Transparent Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

by Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

There are many people who add hyperlinks in PowerPoint slides all the time. Some do it for obvious reasons, such as to link to other slides in the same presentation. Others do it to make PowerPoint more powerful as a presenting tool – they hyperlink to other presentations or even to Excel files or PDFs. Ultimately, hyperlinks add value to your presentation.

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Preparing for Your Presentation: A Step by Step Calendar Guide

by Tany Nagy, Pulse Design Studio

Presentations are still the last place winners when it comes to allowing the right amount of time to prepare and develop for an important meeting or pitch. They are the first place champions when it comes to the level of impact they are expected to produce. We’ve benchmarked the following calendar guide with tips that will better prepare you on the time to allow for developing your next, winning presentation. 

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Introducing Sway, Microsoft’s New Storytelling Presentation Program

by Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Microsoft’s new online free app called Office Sway is another presentation program, but it is not PowerPoint. In fact, it is not even remotely similar to PowerPoint. So what exactly is Sway? Sway has been designed from the ground up to be more of a storytelling presentation program rather than something you will use for slides in your next boardroom meeting where every slide has a chart.  

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PowerPoint Add-In: Neo/Ipsum (Review by Nolan Haims, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP)

I Listened to 10,000 Presentations. Almost Everyone Made This Same Mistake. It's a hard habit to break. Here's how to do it. (Justin Bariso, Insight)

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