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January 2016

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! This year promises to be one filled with changing design trends, evolving technology, the promise of standardization, and incredible use cases for pushing PowerPoint implementations to the max.  Our community of professionals and experts continue to share their hacks, tricks and tips on how to make your presentations more effective and easier to implement.  As the new editor, I cannot wait to share it with you.

Start off 2016 with a little magic of your own.  Back by popular demand, Taylor Croonquist, Nuts and Bolts Speed Training, will be sharing his secret sauce for how to create and present “end-of-year” data using charts and tables. Join us for his webinar on Wednesday, January 20th at 11 am PT/ 2pm ET and discover the magic for yourself.   Check out his article which will give you a preview of what he will be sharing during his webinar. 

The presentation industry got as excited about the release of the holiday blockbuster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the rest of the world did.  Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh Bajaj details step-by-step how to create your own version of the opening rolling credits.  In his blog, Star Wars enthusiast, Ric Bretschneider shared his discussion with fellow fan, Garr Reynolds (Presentation Zen) on the lessons on invisible structure and storytelling we can learn from the Star Wars VII trailer and the views of Father Roderick that you have to check out for yourself.   blog

So what are Presentation design trends we should watch for in 2016?  Journalist Nayomi Chiban shares her top ten list with us including immersion photography, scrolling presentations, story-telling, creative use of typography, and more.  And in the popular articles, we share another viewpoint on 2016 trends from Emma Bannister, Presentation Studio.  Email me and let me know what trends you see for 2016.

Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

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Star Wars Style Credits Animation in PowerPoint 2013

by Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Learn how to create Star Wars style credits animation in PowerPoint from Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh Bajaj. Do you want to add a Star Wars credits style animation within your PowerPoint slide? In this style, text crawls from bottom to the top, and the text size reduces until it fades off the slide! This is an amazing effect, and you can make this effect happen in PowerPoint 2013 or any other version.

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Ten Presentation Trends to Watch Out For in 2016

by Nayomi Chiban

What design trends will shape the presentations we see in our board rooms, speeches, TED talks, and in our everyday work environments in 2016?  Read what Nayomi thinks they are.  Do you agree with her?  What do you think will be the presentation trends for this year?

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[Review] PowerPoint 2016: A Tale of Two Adjectives

by Rick Altman

PowerPoint guru, Rick Altman offers his opinion and review of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.  He focuses on two key new features – Morph and Design.  His honest review of what is good and what needs improvement is worth reading.  Don’t miss it!

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[Webinar Preview] Two Charting Shortcuts for Faster PowerPoint Visuals

by Taylor Croonquist

Get a sneak peak of the content that Taylor Croonquist will share during his webinar. He shows us quick shortcuts for charting and provides us with a template to use as a reference tool. And don’t forget to register for this January 20th webinar.

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Star Wars VII Trailer: Storytelling & the Invisible Structure (Ric Bretschneider)

Presentation Trends 2016 - Another Viewpoint from Down Under (Emma Bannister, Presentation Studio)

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