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June 2017

Happy Summer,

He's back! Join us next Wednesday, June 21nd for our annual Marvelous Makeovers: Presentations Edition webinar with Rick Altman. Watch as Rick transforms your slides from UGLY to marvelous in this engaging, fun-filled hour. Register today...

With all the social sharing within this community, it seems like we have a "virtual water cooler" trend going around and often that is where the best ideas and discussions happen. The "Font Talk" topic was started in a Facebook post by the Presentation Guild's Stephy Lewis who was trying to find an app or program that could help her match or identify fonts sent to her, and then automatically suggest a safe font equivalent. So, "what the font is it anyway"?

Microsoft MVP, Mike Parkinson explains how to turn a sketch into a complex visual graphic in Part 2 of his series on Complex Graphics. And in this month's "Dishing on Presentations," MVP Chantal Bossé shares how her complex project with Destination Canada took her to multiple countries, time zones and eleven speakers, each culturally different and challenging, was a great experience.

Congratulations to the newest Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Tom Howell of Synapsis Creative of Australia. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about all things presentation. Send him your congrats. He can be reached via email. We "dished on presentations" earlier this year in a fun video interview. Check it out.

Don't miss The Presentation Summit 2017 will be in Clearwater, FL from September 24-27. This is my favorite conference of the year. I learn so much from each of the attendees. As a PXpert subscriber, you can save $75 off the registration by using the code PXpert when you check out.

Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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[PXpert Webinar] Looking to change those UGLY slides into Marvelous Makeovers?
by Speaker: Rick Altman

Ok, let's face it - ugly slides that don't work to deliver your visual message. So, what do you do. Join us on Wednesday, June 21st at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET for another fun-filled webinar with fan favorite Rick Altman where he will share his advice and tips on how to do more than just "pretty up" your slides. He will "makeover" slides provided by our participants. In fact, there are many forms of makeovers, and they might all be on display in this hour. Register now and find out what magic Rick will pull out of his hat to make "Marvelous" slides... Register Now...

Make Complex Graphics Easy to Understand (Part 2 of 2)
by Mike Parkinson, Microsoft MVP and APMP Fellow

Rendering complex slides or graphics in PowerPoint can be challenging. In my previous article (Part 1), we learned how to conceptualize (visualize) complex content using three methods: Get to the Point, Chunk It, and Connect the Dots. In Part 2, we learn how to turn this sketch into a visual presentation. I show you how to render that slide graphic by first showing you how to create your template layout using basic shapes and lines. Then, we learn about how to create the Peg Blocks and the symbols/icons needed to complete the total visual... Read More...

[Video] Dishing on Presentations with Chantal Bossé, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
by Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

This month, PXpert editor Sharyn Fitzpatrick talked to Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Chantal Bossé of Chabos in Canada about a project she did for Destination Canada. The project was to work with eleven speakers from around the world on their presentation content and their presentation skills. This meant finding images that best represented their country and their people as well as culturally appropriate messaging and images. Luckily, the client had a huge photo library with hi-res images that proved invaluable. Imagine, adding to the complexity of this project by having to present on a moving circular stage. It was a massive project to complete in a short amount of time but well worth the experience, according to Chantal, president of Chabos, a visual communication company based in Canada... Watch Now...

Font Talk: What the Font is it Anyway?
by Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Do you ever have a font that you need to use but you have no idea what font it is? How do you figure it out? Take a recent post on Facebook by Stephy Lewis, a Presentation Guild director, where she wanted a font matcher that would identify the font and also give her the closest PPT safe font. What a great idea. Is magic happening? We look at some of the options available to us as designers including My Fonts "What the Font" and FontSprings' Font Matcherator. Let the games begin... Read More...


[Video] Dishing on Presentations with Tom Howell

Make Complex Graphics Easy to Understand (Part 1 of 2)

The Graphic Design Industry - Where Does a Presentation Designer Fit?

Marvelous Makeovers

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