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September 2016

Dear Readers,

Our latest webinar with Slide Rabbit’s Bethany Auck has gotten a lot of buzz and discussion.  Your emails and notes have been a wonderful treat for both Bethany and I.  We both really appreciate the feedback and accolades. Keep them coming.  If you missed it, you can view it online.

We had more questions than time so Bethany and I had a follow up video discussion to answer as many as we could.  The balance of the questions and answers can be found on the video page..

Each month, we are showcasing what gives us inspiration or a tool that saves us time. This month, I looked at a PowerPoint add-in which will save me time and money and provide visuals for sharing timelines and schedules. Office TIMELINES is a free PowerPoint and Excel add in that does an amazing job in visually presenting timelines and Gantt charts and it is easy to use.

Great ideas are often the result of trying to solve a problem.  Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Chantal Bossé and Patrice Parras, @Chabos has been volunteering at the Presentation Summit every year and he kept experiencing a problem he couldn’t solve easily – how to easily connect a presenter’s laptop or tablet to the display.  Everyone is different and you often are scrambling to find an answer and the conference runs late.  Watch my video interview with Patrice and Chantal to see what solution they have come up!  As a meeting and event planner, I appreciate the thought that went into creating their Speaker Kit.

Till next time,


Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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[Video] Dishing on Presentations with Slide Rabbit’s Bethany Auck

Bethany Auck and Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Bethany Auck joined Sharyn Fitzpatrick to answer reader questions in this “Dishing on Presentations” chat.  Many of the questions came from our audience during the last webinar where we promised the audience we would do a follow-up interview with the answers since we ran out of time to answer all the questions and the follow-up emails. Enjoy.

Read more and watch it

Creating Visual Schedules and Gantt Charts using a Free PowerPoint Add-in, Office TIMELINE

by Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

PowerPoint has continued to evolve since its inception, adding powerful features that help us deliver more captivating content to grab the attention and mindset of our audiences.  Today, we are facing a different challenge, taking our presentations to a different, more appealing level of visual design and impact. So where do we go from here?  Add-ins and apps provide the perfect tools to help you create that “aha” moment.  Let’s take Office TIMELINE for a test drive.

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[Video]Creative Solution to Speaker Technical Dilemmas

Patrice Perras and Chantal Bossé with Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Can’t connect your laptop to a display and you have to speak in five minutes.  What do you do?  That is the question that Patrice Perras and Chantal Bossé faced while volunteering at Presentation Summit.  Pat searched globally for an easy solution but came up empty. So they solved themselves with the Sperakers Kit. Watch the interview with both and see for yourself.

Watch it

Business Presentation Design: How Does Color Affect a Presentation?

by Bethany Auck

Recently I did a webinar for PresentationXpert on how to use Slide Diets to create more powerful presentations. We’ve been overwhelmed by the flood of resulting questions about business presentation design. However, one theme stood out so starkly we wanted to address it here more thoroughly: How does color affect a presentation?

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TEDxEMU - Giving Presentations Worth Listening To (Gordon Kangas)

How to Do a Presentation - 5 Steps to a Killer Opener (Jason Teteak)


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