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October 2016

Dear Readers:

As fall began and summer fun ended, I have been swamped with client projects and trying to rebuild a crashed website. There has to be a better way to be productive. Our schedules are so packed with professional and personal responsibilities that you have to work smart to get it all done. That is the dilemma I faced and I was looking for a few ways to be more efficient and productive.

Add-ins have become my new efficiency tools. I recently shared my experiences with Office TIMELINE, an add-in for Microsoft Office. It has helped but I needed more help to help me streamline some of these tasks.

This month, I am featuring two add-ins that I discovered. Each helped me solve a problem that derailed my productivity and help a client. The first is Live Web which enables you to add live web pages to PowerPoint. Ever half to make frameworks for a digital project such as a website? The task is daunting and overwhelming. So finding an add-in like Power Mockup enabled me to create basic icon and element driven frameworks built on shapes created in PowerPoint.

Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, December 1st with webinar boot camp with executive webcast producer, James Hillard of Hilly Productions. Register Today! .


Till next time,


Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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Discovering Presentation Gems on Vimeo and YouTube

Did you know that video is what is most appealing to today’s professionals as a source for information? And since the digital world never seems to stop, so videos are such an important tool in our visual industry to teach us what’s new and feed our creativity. YouTube and Vimeo are fascinating places to discover how to do presentations more creatively and productively. Let's find out together.

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Adding Live, Real-Time Web Pages to Your Presentations

by Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate a live website during a PowerPoint presentation? But you don’t want to show your desktop or go out of show mode in PowerPoint.  Sometimes the content or message is more useful if you can show your audience information from a website. You could always use a screen shot with a hyperlink but that is like crossing your fingers and hope it works. What are my options?.

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How to Build a Website Framework Using PowerPoint

by Sharyn Fitzpatrick

Building a website is a daunting task but using Power Mockup, a wireframe and mockup add-in for PowerPoint is a win-win.  It includes a collection of over 400 line icons, 27 annotations, 17 mouse cursor options, placeholder picture icons, touch gestures which are common hand gestures you might use on a smartphone or tablet, over 75 Windows desktop shapes such as navigation, content, input, and system shapes, and over 100 shapes to build low-fidelity wireframes and more.  You have the perfect sandbox to sketch user interfaces for the web and for mobile.

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[Webinar- 12/1/16 at 11 am PT] Webinar Bootcamp: Proven Steps to Success

Speaker: James Hillard, Executive Webcast Producer & Moderator

Ready to build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects? Looking for opportunities to connect with your audience at a deeper level?  It’s easy and cost-effective with live webinars.  And your key to success is in the planning, setup and execution. Whether you’re new to webinar production, or you’re looking to tune-up your game plan, this resource-filled webinar will guide you through focused steps that will help give you the confidence to get your webinars off to a great start.

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