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November 2016

Dear Readers:

Let’s get technical. Check out the two-part tech series on XML Hacking by John Korchok, a Microsoft office technical whiz who understands the ins and outs of XML programming and how to teach us, in plain terms, how to make it work successfully.

At this year’s Presentation Summit, the Presentation Guild was launched to help the presentation industry members advance their skills and passion in a community built on supporting each other.  Microsoft MVP, Geetesh Bajaj shares what this new group means to many of the industry’s experts.
Many of you know that one of my passions is webinars.  We are lucky to have James Hilliard, a renowned and creative webinar expert, as our next webinar presenter so mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 1st for a webinar boot camp.  Check out my conversation with him to get a preview of the webinar.

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[Video] Dishing on Webinars and Presentations with expert, James Hilliard

Get a preview of what we will be sharing with you in our December 1st webinar with James Hilliard, a professional moderator and broadcaster.  He has done over 3,000 webinars and will share his tips and tricks and offer attendees template-based webinar tools as handouts. Register Today!

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XML Hacking, Part 1: An Introduction

by John Korchok

It is all about the data and how you present that data often requires a level of expertise as a developer.  Using XML, you can develop the meaning of data while you define structure and the look and feel of information.  The flexibility that XML offers you in presenting data is an important tool to have as a presentation creator.  This article is an introduction to XML and what it looks like.

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XML Hacking, Part 2: Setting the Default Table Text Size

by John Korchok

Now that you have been introduced to XML hacking, let’s try a simple project: setting the default table text size. This article assumes you have read Part 1 of this series and have a suitable text editor installed. When you insert a new table in PowerPoint, the default table text size is 18 points. Using XML hacking, we can set this to whatever point size the designer prefers.

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Learn about the Presentation Guild, a Presentations Community

By Geetesh Bajaj, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

Are you a member of the new Presentation Guild?  It was created by a community of presentation experts that reads like a who’s who. Their combined wisdom, skills and knowledge is paired with their passion to build a community to enrich the skills and creativity of its members.   Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh Bajaj talked with many of its members at the recent Presentation Summit.

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Presentation Podcast: Conversations about the Business of Presentation Design (hosted by Microsoft MVPs Troy Chollar, Sandy Johnson, and Nolan Haims)

A Guide to 44 Safe Fonts & 74 safe Font Combos for PowerPoint (Presentitude)

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