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June 2016

Dear Readers,

This month’s content is around conversations.  The art of the conversation is a very important way to share content.  Whether it is chatting with someone about a topic, answering audience questions, or trying a new way of delivering content.

At the Presentation Summits, I kept hearing about PechaKucha – 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.  I got to see it in action at the 2015 Summit: one of the presenters, John Rahmlow of Vanguard shared his adventure with PechaKucha, the art of the precise conversation.

Constantly learning is always what we should strive for and this month’s articles are rich with content and knowledge.  Echo Swinford’s new content update book, My PowerPoint 2016 was a great primer to start off my summer reading.  We can all learn from Ed Muzio’s video on The Science of Memorable Presentations and Laura Foley’s Q&A session.

Send me an email about which presentation books are on your summer reading list.  Do you have any favorites?

 Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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PechaKucha: The Art of the Concise Presentations

by John Rahmlow, The Vanguard Group

Have you ever heard of PechaKucha?  It is a way to delivering content with only 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, with the slides set to automatically advance to the next slide whether you are ready or not.  When I saw this as a topic for one of the sessions at the 2011 Presentation Summit I decided that it was worth an hour of my time to find out more about PechaKucha.

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 [New Book] My PowerPoint 2016 by Echo Swinford, Microsoft PowerPoint MVP

by Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor, PresentationXpert

How many of us have the time to learn how to use our favorite software upgrades?  It is with the best intention that we all try.  But I needed to learn all about PowerPoint 2016 and Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Echo Swinford gave me the perfect primer to get started.  Her new book, My PowerPoint 2016, a new “Content Update Program Update” book highlights all the new software updates added to the latest version of PowerPoint and if you are new to PowerPoint, she gives you the basics on how to get started.

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Webinar Wrap-Up:  More Q & A with Laura Foley

by Laura Foley

The “Cheating Death by PowerPoint” webinar with presentation designer Laura Foley got rave reviews but we ran out of time to answer all of your questions. So, we asked Laura to answer them so we could share it with our readers. You should now be fully prepared to be a “Cheater of Death by PowerPoint.”  If you missed it, go watch it on demand.

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How To Embed Fonts in Presentations

by Laura Foley

You can use beautiful font types that make a statement when you create your presentations. But if the audience doesn't have the same font installed on their computers, it will not display correctly and PowerPoint substitutes a similar font. How do I embed fonts in a presentation so I can fix this? Laura Foley answers the question in detail. 

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[Video] The Science of Memorable Presentations

by Ed Muzio, Group Harmonics

Have you ever been so bored by a presenter that you missed his or her entire point?  Don't let that presenter be you.  In this video, watch as I describe the science behind getting someone's attention, and then converting that attention into a long-term memory.  Put this to use in your next presentation and your audience will leave with your message - not with a yawn. 


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