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August 2016

Dear Readers,

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. The last month has been a busy one in the industry.
Microsoft has announced updates to Office 365 products including a new feature, Zoom for PowerPoint.  Have you seen Zoom?  How are you using it?  Let us know.

I had an in-depth video interview with Mike Parkinson, the latest Microsoft PowerPoint MVP - always a fun conversation. His depth of knowledge and passion for the presentation industry continues to inspire me.

I had a recent discussion with several of our readers about where they get their inspiration.  And the power of the internet as a visual tool is a great idea generator.  For me, I really like LinkedIn’s SlideShare as a place to find inspiration. This month, I am sharing some of my favorites.  What are yours?  Please share them with me.

Till next time,


Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor
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Discovering Inspiration and Ideas from SlideShare: Sharing Our Favorites

by Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

Ever stare at a blank page and have no ideas on where to start? Looking for inspiration? Any idea to get those creative juices flowing? Just browse LinkedIn’s SlideShare’s catalog of well-done presentations and see for yourself Here are few of my favorites on SlideShare - I even created a custom PXpert catalog of them to share with you.

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[Webinar] Slide Diets: Before & After Design Tricks to Slim Down your Content with Presentation Designer, Bethany Auck of Slide Rabbit

Wednesday, August 24th at 11 am PDT/ 2 pm EDT

Are you slides “over-stuffed” with too much content? Are they readable?  Or, is the type so small, you need to include a magnifying glass to read it?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this August 24th webinar with designer Bethany Auck is the perfect chance to learn how to slim down your slide content.  Register today. This webinar is brought to you by Citrix GoToWebinar.

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[Video] Interview with the newest PowerPoint MVP – Mike Parkinson

by Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Editor

Did you know that there are less than fifty Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world?  We sat down with visual communications expert, Mike Parkinson to find out what it means to get a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP. We even talked about whether or not there is a secret handshake. Watch my video interview with Mike to find out..

Watch it

Hot off the Press: Microsoft Introduces Zoom for PowerPoint 2016

Introducing Zoom, a new way to present your slide content without having to exit show mode. You can now navigate in and out of any slide or section. This will enable you to make your presentation more interactive, depending on your audience. You can now use Zoom to build summary slides. Check it out the YouTube video on how to use it.

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How to Improve Your Presentation Skills -

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